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I have never been able to look and feel strong while maintaining adequate flexibility and mobility. This all changed when I met Ricky and started working out at Norton Performance. Ricky is on top of the game both intellectually and technologically. He combines the latest in sports science and uses cutting-edge technology in creating training programs that are individually catered to his athletes. Not only am I a more powerful athlete, but I am also a more flexible athlete, which helps me consistently stay on the field and feel my best throughout the course of a long baseball season.

—Adam Law, Seattle Mariners Organization

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Norton Performance is the perfect place—not just for strength but balance and stability as well. They helped me get ready for the season in every way; helped me in every aspect of the game. This is the place to be. They do it right.

--Seth Corry, San Francisco Giants Organization

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Norton killed it for me! I’m taking this like a religion with what he did with me. I’m super-excited.

—Brady Lail, Chicago White Sox

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Ricky Norton and the staff at Norton Performance— Incredible! The level of competency and professionalism they reveal is unequivocally undisputed in the state of Utah. I send my children to Ricky for their athletic development. I can't think of a better endorsement and compliment towards their abilities and service. Their workouts yield great results and the immediate feedback is outstanding. To be the best, you have to see the best. Norton Performance = The Best!

—Brian Zettler, MS, ATC, CSCS

Former Athletic Trainer for Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Utah Jazz

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Ricky Norton came to me as a college athlete many years back in the early days of P3. He was one of the hardest workers we have ever had in our facility and his improvements as an athlete reflected that. That work ethic has now transferred to his passion for training and helping other athletes. He has studied and learned earnestly, from us here at P3 and on his own, to be able to help his athletes reach their full potential. I trust that he will get great results with any athlete who is willing to put in the work with him.

—Marcus Elliott, Harvard, M.D., Founder/Director of Peak Performance Project

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If you want to play baseball past high school, you have to be able to be balanced, powerful, fast, athletic, and controlled. You have to string, throw hard, hit hard, and pass the eye test. Ricky has provided our players an essential and advanced training model that has transformed our players into better athletes. Not your typical lifting program, Ricky provides cutting-edge knowledge and experience that produces an advanced baseball training experience most players never access at any level.

—Ryan Roberts, 12 yr. D1 Baseball Coach, BYU

We love what the guys at Norton Performance do with their athletes. They are data-driven and know their sports science. They do things right. We trust them with the ability to assess and apply our Plyocare balls and weighted baseballs appropriately for the safest and best results. They continue to do an amazing job with all of their baseball athletes.

—Kyle Boddy, Driveline Baseball

Ricky Norton and his team are on the cutting edge of applied sports science. Their unique biomechanics lab, integrated with their state-of-the-art strength and performance center, allows them to apply the data they collect from their athletes and use it to improve the athlete's strength, mobility, athleticism, and overall performance. Very few in America are able to do what Norton is doing—increasing rotational power and enhancing the power of the swing.

Trevor Amicone, Rover Hitting Coach, New York Yankees

My arm and body have never felt better. I have trained with Norton the last couple of seasons and it has made a huge difference with my abilities on the mound. I have gained about 5-6 mph going from 88-89 to 93-94. I am also able to go deeper into games.

Paxton Shultz, Milwaukee Brewers