About Norton Performance

At Norton Performance, we model our training after "P3" (Peak Performance Project) directed by Dr. Marcus Elliott, Harvard, M.D. Our focus on training athletes involves analyzing and improving strength, power, stability, mobility and functional movements needed for the individual athlete depending on their sport, position, and unique physical and neurological needs. In addition to the progressive training techniques, we provide nutritional supplements, specialized recovery modalities and access to a personalized online portal.

Our Services

Athlete Assessment

We perform a very detailed assessment of each individual athlete who walks through our doors. We perform a number of performance tests along with movement and mobility screens. This allows us to know each athlete's strengths and weaknesses so we can give them exactly what they need to reach their full athletic potential. We test and retest often, storing all the data of our athletes into their personal profile which they can access through our Online Portal System, so that they can see their own progress.


Simply Working hard isn't enough to get optimal results. At NP, we provide our athletes with the best and most proven recovery methods available, including "Rapid Reboot" Recovery Boots and Sleeves, Marc-Pro EMS, Cupping, and Post Recovery Protein Drinks.

Athlete Training Program Options

1x/week per month

  • Includes Norton Performance Portal, even on days the athlete is not training

3x/week per month

  • Includes Norton Performance Portal, even on days the athlete is not training

Unlimited Access

  • Includes Norton Performance Portal, even on days the athlete is not training

Online Performance Portal

Our custom built "Norton Performance Portal" allows us to keep detailed record of all the tests, workouts, and other data we collect from our athletes. Each athlete is able to log onto their personal page and view their performance tests, workouts, and research articles on a variety of training topics.

  • View of Performance Tests: We don't just want to crush our athletes so they can "feel" like they are getting better. We want them to SEE that they are getting better. By testing often, we are holding ourselves as coaches accountable for what we prescribe to our athletes. We are also holding the athletes themselves accountable to do the work.
  • View of Workout Programs: Our athletes are able to access their personalized workouts even on days they aren't able to make it into our facility. If they are on a road trip with their family or team, they can still get their workouts in. They log in to their portal and view their program which also has a video of each exercise prescribed, just in case the athlete forgets what a certain exercise is. This also allows us to program for teams and clients where traveling distance is a factor.
  • View of Research Articles: We filter through all the information that is out there and provide our athletes and parents with the best and most important substance to read. These articles allow the athlete, parent, and coach to educate themselves on the best and most proven training methods, philosophies, injury prevention, recovery modes, and all other training topics you can think of. We want our athletes to not only be the most athletic, but smart, and also their own best coach.
  • View of Top 10 Leader Board: We love to promote an atmosphere of competition. Improvement is accelerated when recorded and reported. We update our ‘Top 10 Leader boards' of each of the test we perform with our athletes. To be the best, you have to know what the best is doing, and then beat them.