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Norton Performance

Where data analysis, sports science, and personalized focus come together to bring about superior athletic performance. We call it intelligent training.


Keiser Skater Jump helps with throwing velocity.


At Norton Performance, our training begins with a very detailed analysis of the athlete. Once the analysis is completed, we give the athlete exactly what he or she needs to improve their strength, power, stability, mobility and central movements needed for their given sport, position, and unique physical needs. It is about training the athlete intelligently so their hard work doesn't go to waste, and actually transfers to their respective sport while also minimizing injury risks.

Services offered

Athlete Assessment

Detailed assessments allow us to tailor training to each individual athlete.


Leading edge recovery science tools and techniques help achieve optimal results.

Athlete Training Program Options

Pick the option that best suits time and budget constraints.

Online Performance Portal

Access the Norton Performance Portal to view your own tests, workouts, and even research sport science topics.

Norton Performance Team

Ricky Norton

Founder/owner - Sports Performance Specialist

Mathew Neil

Sports Performance Specialist

Beau Hunter

Data Scientist

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